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ADHD Coaching

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ADHD Coaching using CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) is the most effective non-medication treatment for ADHD and research evidence suggests that the best outcomes are achieved with a combination of the two therapeutic interventions (i.e. medication + CBT).

CBT for ADHD helps with practical strategies for working on the cognitive (mind) and behavioural challenges of ADHD.

Our psychologists and ADHD coaches provide CBT interventions via telehealth (video) consultations, Australia-wide.


Please note: You can access Medicare rebates for your CBT sessions with a psychologist by obtaining a GP Mental Health Care Plan referral. Medicare does not cover CBT sessions with an ADHD coach.


Simply ask your GP to write a Mental Health Care Plan referral requesting 6 initial sessions of CBT for ADHD.


Once you have had 6 sessions, you can ask your GP to re-refer you for an additional 4 sessions.

You are eligible for up to 10 Medicare-rebated sessions per calendar year.


You may also access rebates for DBT sessions under the Mental Health Care Plan. See our DBT page above for more information.


Please note, you may have as many therapy sessions as you and your psychologist agree you need, however, Medicare will only rebate 10 sessions per calendar year (CBT & DBT sessions combined). 

If you need further sessions and you have private health insurance 'extras' cover for psychology, you may be eligible to claim these as well.

Ph: 1300 171 792

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