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the Adult ADHD Assessment 

If you're looking for an answer as to whether you might have Adult ADHD, our Clinic can provide a thorough assessment using psychometric assessments combined with clinical interview...

The Adult ADHD Test

To find out more about our Adult ADHD Assessment click the 'Get Started' link below...

Our psychologists provide Adult ADHD assessments across Australia via telehealth. 

The assessment involves psychometric evaluation, using statistically valid and reliable psychological tests from internationally recognised psychological test publishers and the psychologist's evaluation through clinical interview (via video telehealth).

ADHD cannot be assessed with one measure only. There are a few assessment methods involved.

The online assessments are completed by you and by someone who knows you really well (an 'Observer'/'Informant').

You will also complete a Co-morbidity assessment which screens for mental health symptoms of conditions that frequently co-occur with ADHD.

The psychologist will feedback the results of your psychometric assessments and ask you questions that relate to the clinical criteria of ADHD.

You will receive a report outlining the results of the psychometric assessments and it will include the outcome (i.e. whether you do or don't have an ADHD diagnosis. If you do have an ADHD diagnosis it will specify which type).

There is a subset of possible difficulties for people with ADHD. Our reports provide a description of what those particular difficulties are for each individual. This will help you understand your presentation better and help a psychologist target your symptoms in therapy, after all, there are a number of difficulties that can't be managed by ADHD medication and that is why research shows both medication and non-medication strategies used together provide the best treatment outcomes for ADHD.


The report can also assist in communicating with your workplace, those in your personal life and university. 


Our psychologists and ADHD coach are skilled in providing CBT for ADHD and can provide ongoing support and treatment.


Optimal ADHD Treatment involves:

-       Psychiatrist for prescribed medication

-       CBT for ADHD with a psychologist or ADHD coach



Ph: 1300 171 792

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