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the Child/Adolescent ADHD Assessment 

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Our psychologists provide Child and Adolescent ADHD assessments across Australia via telehealth. For more information submit the enquiry form on this page.



The assessment involves psychometric evaluation, using statistically valid and reliable psychological tests from internationally recognised psychological test publishers and the psychologist's evaluation through clinical interview (with both you and your child present).

Some of the tests are completed by you, by your child (for children 8 and over) and some by your child's teacher.

You will receive a report outlining the results of the psychometric assessments and it will include the outcome (i.e. whether your child does or does not have an ADHD diagnosis).


The report will also indicate any difficulties and help you to understand your child's particular presentation. It can also assist in communicating with your child's school so that the school can plan and implement accomodations for optimal academic performance. Additionally, it is helpful with psychological treatment with a psychologist skilled in providing CBT for ADHD as it will enable them to know what to target in therapy.



ADHD Treatment

Research shows that optimal ADHD treatment involves a combination of medication and non-medication strategies and learning.

The components of treatment are therefore as follows:

-       Paediatrician/Psychiatrist for prescribed medication

-       CBT for ADHD with a psychologist



If an ADHD diagnosis applies, and you would like to try medication your child/adolescent will need to see a psychiatrist or paediatrician. With your permission we can send the ADHD report to your GP, who will be able to arrange a referral to a psychiatrist/paediatrician. There can be a long wait for one of these appointments and it is at the practitioner's discretion to make their own assessment and determine whether they will prescribe ADHD medication.


Ph: 1300 171 792

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