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the Adult ADHD Assessment 

If you're looking for an answer as to whether you might have Adult ADHD, follow the steps below...

The Adult ADHD Test

Step 1.  Complete the ADHD screening questionnaire by clicking on the 'Get Started' link below...


Because the ADHD assessment is quite an undertaking (there are numerous assessment measures involved), we first screen with a brief assessment measure to determine if it is clinically appropriate to proceed with the in-depth assessment. This prevents you from having an assessment that isn't necessary and is also in line with best practice standards.

This brief questionnaire is a valid and reliable initial screening tool. It does not provide an ADHD diagnosis by itself.  

Step 2. Your ADHD screening questionnaire will be scored.


If your score is not significant, you will be advised it's clinically unnecessary to proceed with the ADHD assessment.

If your score is significant, you will be advised it's clinically appropriate to proceed.

There are other mental health and physical health conditions that can mimic the symptoms that someone with ADHD might have. If your score is not significant and you feel there's still something going on, see your GP and discuss your symptoms.

You will be sent the ADHD assessments (if it's clinically appropriate) and you want to proceed.

ADHD cannot be assessed with one measure only. There are a few assessment methods involved.

The assessments are completed by you and by someone who knows you really well (an 'Observer'/'Informant').

Once you and your Observer have completed the ADHD assessments one of our psychologists will review the results.



Video telehealth appointment with one of our psychologists to determine if an ADHD diagnosis applies 


Your Adult ADHD Report will be completed and will include the outcome (i.e. whether you do or don't have an ADHD diagnosis). With your permission we can send the report to your GP as well. 

There is a subset of possible difficulties for people with ADHD. Our reports provide a clear description of what those particular difficulties are for each individual. This will help you understand your presentation better and help a psychologist target your symptoms in therapy. 


Appointment with one of our psychologists to commence psychological therapy if you would like strategies to manage your ADHD.

Ph: 1300 171 792

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